Post Your Skills Online with and Get a Job

Add Skills. Get Endorsed.

We love meaningful endorsements based on skills, rather than generic endorsements. We’ve engineered an endorsement algorithm to identify the most skilled people across industries. Add your skills and get endorsed.

When should you endorse someone? When you have first-hand knowledge of their ability to perform the skill.

LinkedIn and Facebook Integration

Get your profile set up quickly and easily with Facebook and LinkedIn integration. We map Facebook and LinkedIn profile information to fields in our system so the import process only takes seconds.

Profile Dashboard

Provides a quick glance at your profile activity. See who endorsed you and requested an endorsement. Connections show your Facebook friends who are using Path.To.

Get tips and tricks on using Path.To and jump to your personal analytics.

Personal Analytics

Our personal analytics will help you identify which websites are linking to your profile. We know your personal brand is important and we want to help you build it.

We’ll let you know when someone mentions your Path.To profile so you can do something about it.


Compete against others on our leaderboards. Be the top talent in your city, region or state.

Our leaderboards are a great place to identify talent and increase networking opportunities. Since endorsements are based on skills, it’s easy to back up your new-found clout.


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