Amazon May Be Creating A Netflix For Books


Amazon Working on a Netflix for Books [REPORT]

Word on the street is that Amazon may be creating a Netflix-like subscription service for books. The service would allow customers to to pay a single monthly fee for access to a library of books, with

Amazon handing over a substantial amount
 of cash to publishers to make that magic happen.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is currently still discussing the logistics on the program. The ultimate goal would be to allow customers to pay a certain fee per moth, and then be able to read a certain number of titles each month in return from a special library of books.

The idea is certainly an interesting one. If you travel often (or are just an avid reader) purchasing books can get pretty expensive over time. While you can check out digital copies of books from some libraries, being able to have access to a different Amazon library could be great for some.

Are any of you big ebook readers? What do you think about Amazon potentially offering a Netflix-likebook service?

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