It’s a safe bet that Ken Block, a professional rally driver, and Danny MacAskill, a Scottish cyclist, are obscure to most members of the public, but they are the Will Smith and Tom Cruise of viral video


Apparently, there’s a hunger for videos featuring expert driving and cycling. All those marketers trying to get traction with their “funny” viral ads may want to take note.

However, the Block-less and MacAskill-less videos on this list often have something else going for them: Animals. There are psychedelic ponies, apes, angry birds and racoons on the list this time around. (Amazingly, there’s not a cat to be seen.) Perhaps viewers are responding to a long-buried impulse to connect to the animal kingdom. Or maybe we just like seeing singing hamsters. Hard to say. As usual, you’re best off just enjoying the list, not trying to make sense of it.

As always, we thank our friends at Unruly Media for compiling the Mashable Global Ads Chart. In raw numbers, these are the video ads that the world spent the most time watching in August.


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